We offer our patients professional, comprehensive rehabilitation services, provided by a team of highly qualified specialists, using the latest medical technologies. We provide a comfortable stay, care, nice atmosphere and access to many amenities. All this at friendly, competitive prices.

Due to the specificity of the comprehensive therapy process, the majority of our services are offered in the form of packages.


Medical services
Diagnostics and initial / final medical consultation
Consultation of a specialist doctor
Orthopedic consultation
Surgical consultation
Internal medicine consultation
Consultation of a medical rehabilitation doctor
Physiotherapeutic services
Diagnostics and initial / final physiotherapeutic consultation
Individual physiotherapy (55 min)
Verticalization with a therapist (55 min)
Hand therapy
Consultation and qualification examination for the exoskeleton
Gait therapy with the use of an exoskeleton
Consultation and qualifying examination for Robogait
Robogait therapy
Consultation and qualifying examination for Vibramoov
Vibramoov therapy
Water rehabilitation
Individual exercises in the pool with a therapist (30 min)
Individual exercises in the pool with a therapist (55 min)
“Healthy spine” exercises (30 min)
Daily activities training
Neurological speech therapy services
Diagnostics and initial / final neurologic speech therapy consultation
Therapy of digestive functions
Articulation apparatus motor therapy
Therapy of respiratory, linguistic and phonics skills
Speech disorder therapy
Psychological services
Diagnostics and initial / final psychological consultation
Cognitive therapy “fitness for the brain”
Psychological therapy
Psychoeducational group activities
Relaxation training (Schultz autogenic training, Jacobson training, Relaxation training with visualization)
Occupational therapy
Music therapy
Film therapy
Physical therapy
Electrotherapy treatments
Laser therapy
High energy laser
Upper limb centrifuge
Lower limb centrifuge
Lymphatic drainage
Full therapeutic massage
Partial therapeutic massage
Lymphatic drainage
Relaxing massage

We invite you to take the benefit of our services.
Our price list is very competitive and adapted to the capabilities of most patients.

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We make sure that our patients can focus on regaining mobility with a sense of care, warmth, joy and professionalism.