Rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries often pose new challenges for the patient and their environment. Depending on the level of damage, various types of disorders appear in the neuromuscular system, among which very often there is a deterioration in gait function associated with impaired muscle strength and sensation in the area of the lower extremities.

In stationary neurorehabilitation, we offer a comprehensive approach, emphasizing the earliest possible start of the rehabilitation process. The procedure is individually tailored to the patient’s needs and aimed at achieving therapeutic goals that are important to him. In close cooperation with a multidisciplinary medical team, we make every effort to maximize the available potential, emphasizing the early start of rehabilitation, a comprehensive approach to the patient and his well-being.

The main goal of neurological rehabilitation in our center is achieving by the patient the highest possible level of self dependence and speeding up his return to family life and work.

Dom seniora pokók jednoosobowy

Our philosophy

The Donum Corde Rehabilitation Center presents an interdisciplinary approach – our offer is based on close cooperation between the medical team: a doctor, physiotherapists, nurses, ergotherapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, orthopedic technicians and social workers. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, it is possible to achieve maximum effect of the rehabilitation process, as well as to facilitate the rehabilitation management process.


Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury is a condition that disrupts the function of the spinal cord. These disorders may be partial or complete, permanent or transient. Symptoms depend on the level of spinal cord damage. These injuries affect most often young, fit, active people who become dependent on others’ help overnight. In most cases, the wheelchair becomes an integral part of the patient’s life. The aim of intensive neurorehabilitation is learning by the patient self dependency as well as his return to society.

Thanks to individual physiotherapy, therapy with the use of rehabilitation robots and physical treatments, the patient learns to use a wheelchair on his own, perform everyday activities, learns techniques that facilitate the life of a wheelchair user. He also uses all the positive aspects of dynamic and static upright positioning, and thanks to gait therapy, his body is maintained in good shape so that he may benefit from future medical advances.

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