BTS Anymov verticalization bed

The BTS Anymov medical bed is a modern, robotic table used for verticalization. The device allows you to perform repetitive training through an integrated walking system and enables active verticalization at an early stage of rehabilitation of patients with various types of neurological diseases.

Dom seniora pokók jednoosobowy
Dom seniora pokók jednoosobowy

This fully automated rehabilitation hospital bed enables the treatment of stroke or brain injury patients, allowing specific functional training to be performed based on graded, passive exercises. It enables active, assisted, single- and multi-segment mobilization of the hip, knee and ankle joint – through active and resistance exercises as well as verticalization of the patient, depending on his abilities.


Advantages of BTS Anymov

  • The only robotic bed in the world with the possibility of abduction and adduction exercises in the hip joint

  • Possibility of early verticalization of the patient with stimulation of the lower limbs

  • Possibility of rehabilitation of non-cooperating patients, e.g. children and adults in a coma

  • Acceleration of the process of postural and functional rehabilitation

  • Prioproceptive joint stimulation

  • Integrated anti-bedsore mattress

  • Stimulation of the cognitive process

  • Very wide configuration options for the position of the bed

  • Possibility of exercising in the area of the ankle, knee and hip joints


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