Stationary rehabilitation for patients with orthopedic problems

In stationary orthopedic rehabilitation, we offer a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. The procedure is individually tailored to the patient’s needs and aimed at achieving therapeutic goals that are important to him. In close cooperation with a multidisciplinary medical team, we try to eliminate the negative effects of an injury or immobilization.

Dom seniora pokók jednoosobowy

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation aims to restore lost functions by quickly mobilizing the patient, thus shortening the recovery period after the procedures to a minimum. The aim of rehabilitation is to achieve complete fitness from before the injury and return to normal activity, sports and work. Comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation includes manual therapy, modern methods of physiotherapy, proprioception training, motor training and physical therapy treatments. Through exercises in the water, we enable our patients to perform their movements while relieving the joints and muscles.


  • after orthopedic surgery and fractures
  • before and after hip / knee / shoulder replacement
  • after injuries and contusions of the musculoskeletal system
  • with osteoarthritis
  • with pain and overload of the spine


Patient in the centre of attention

  • A qualified team of specialists
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Rich equipment
  • Modern technologies
  • Full board
  • Access to the pool area
  • Individual approach to the patient
  • 24h care
  • Attractive location

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