Rehabilitation Center

The Donum Corde Rehabilitation Center is a medical facility providing professional services in the field of rehabilitation of people after spinal cord injury, as well as neurological, orthopedic and geriatric rehabilitation. We conduct comprehensive activities aimed at effective improvement of the quality of life and well-being of patients with various health problems. We enable the implementation of the improvement process in stationary conditions – with accommodation, nursing care and meals.

We are the most modern rehabilitation center in south-eastern Poland, equipped with technologies supporting the recovery process. We have devices such as an exoskeleton, a stationary gait re-education robot, a device for focused vibration therapy, devices facilitating the rehabilitation of the upper limbs, as well as a medical bed with a walking function.

Our Rehabilitation Center is located 19 km from Rzeszów and is surrounded by magnificent forests, what enables full regeneration under propitious conditions. An additional advantage is the possibility of rehabilitation in water.

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